Every Hero
Needs A Guide


A Guide

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Lauralyn Curtis Kohl


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Your origin story begins here.

You wake up one morning and your body is changing. You feel different. Everything is growing, you’re developing stripes, and your senses are getting stronger. Sharper. Your hero transformation has begun, and the biggest challenge of your life awaits you.

The birth villains are rearing their ugly heads. Doubt. Worry. Fear. Anxiety. They're everywhere! You want a beautiful birth experience, but you don't know how to get there. 

You don’t need to go the journey alone. 

Every superhero needs a guide. A guru to help you hone your unique strengths into a force to be reckoned with. That’s our job here at HypnoActive Birth, and we've got your back. We know the path and the pitfalls, and we can train you to prepare your mind and body for anything that comes your way. 

Together we can journey from panic to power. Frightened to fearless. Confusion to clarity.

And when all is said and done….

You’ll have an adorable little sidekick.

Learn how to harness
the power of your mind

  • Shorten labor time
  • Significantly reduce pain
  • Reduce fear and build confidence

Understand the
miracle of your body

The physiology of birth is COOL and understanding it gives you a massive advantage in the birth room

Train to communicate
with healthcare providers 

You are the boss of this birth. Healthcare providers work for YOU.
You are a parent, not a patient.

What is Active Hypnobirthing?


Unlike other hypnobirthing methods, we teach Active/Alert hypnosis, which enables you to remain awake, aware, and fully in control at all times during labor. Using instinctive birthing movements and guided meditation, you’ll be able to change positions, walk, and talk while remaining totally relaxed and comfortable.

Birth is your story to tell, and every good story has unexpected plot twists. How will you handle yours? Will your story be a badass unmedicated hospital birth, or a peaceful home waterbirth? An empowered cesarean, or a triumphant VBAC? Will the journey be quick and exhilarating, or long and epic?

By the end of your training, you’ll have all the tools and skills you need to meet any challenge that comes your way.

Hypnobirth + Active Birth is a game changer. 

We pride ourselves on being inclusive of all expecting families, and don’t believe in gatekeeping valuable information. That’s why we remain accessible and transparent throughout the journey, so you feel educated and empowered during every stage of your transition into parenthood.

Top Takeaways

Concepts You’ll Master

Understanding birth phases and physiology


Endorphin-release techniques


Daddy Doula Training: Learn our best Doula Secrets


Effective breathing techniques for each stage of labor



Strategies for back labor


Hypnotic Anesthesia


Making informed choices about birth options


Our game-changing Three Step Birth Plan

Vocals for birthing: the Labor KiHap


Mother-directed pushing


Supportive Massage Skills:
Endorphin Touch and Anchor Touch

Body preparation exercises


Active-Alert Hypnobirthing


Fear Releasing Meditation


September 7th

Live In Person Classes

Tuesdays @ 6-9PM MST



September 22nd

Live Zoom Classes

Wednesdays @ 6-9PM MST

  Zoom Classroom


Sept 25 - Oct 30

Live In Person Classes

Saturdays @ 10am-1PM (5 spots)

  In Person Orem Classroom


Nov 9-Dec 21

Live Zoom Classes

Tuesdays @ 6-9pm MST

  Zoom Classroom


Sept 7th

Live In Person Classes

Tuesdays @ 6-9pm



Sept 22 - Oct 27

Live Zoom Class

Wednesdays @ 6-9pm

Zoom Classroom


Sept 25 -Oct 30

Live In Person Classes

Saturdays @ 10am-1pm (5 spots)

Orem Classroom


Nov 9-Dec 21

Live Zoom Class

Tuesdays @ 6-9pm MST

Zoom Classroom

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  • Why use hypnosis to prepare for childbirth?
  • Why choose the HypnoActive Birthing Method?
  • Will this method work for a VBAC? (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

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I could tell you all about my long list of credentials as a Certified Doula, Hypnobirthing Practitioner, and licensed Hypnotherapist through The National Guild of Hypnotists. I could rattle on about my 10+ years of experience helping thousands of couples through life-changing, empowering births. I even have four boys of my own, two of which I delivered quickly and comfortably using my own methods of hypnosis and mindful breathing.

What I’d rather tell you is that I’m a hardcore believer we can’t change the world until we change the way people come into it. In fact, empowering women empowers the whole human race. I love helping women find their unique superpower and learn how to harness it during childbirth. I’ve been polishing and perfecting this program for over a decade, utilizing feedback from my couples to help create a personal, customizable approach to birth preparation. And I’d love for you to join my League of badass mothers stepping into their power.